Your occasion should fit your style, 

so there are a number of genres of music we offer.


  • Celtic (traditional and rock)

  • Classical

  • Italian

  • Pre-Bluegrass / Old-timey

  • Different Folk Traditions

  • Medieval / Rennaissance

  • We recognize your individuality, and will work with varied styles, religions, traditions, and appropriate costuming.

  • We are open to new experiences and enjoy learning about new (to us) traditions and music.


Though these are sad occasions,

music speaks to the soul.


  • We all have different expectations for funerals and memorials, and Dracorvus Arts will help encourage the atmosphere you wish to have at the passing of a loved one.

  • Whether you wish  for somber tones, restrained hope, or the joy and celebration of a wake, choosing the music you want will give you control.

Cliff's Notes provides professional sound engineering for all your gathering's production needs.


  • Digital PreSonus sound board, with 16 channels will take care of most event needs.

  • Professional sound man familiar with live sound for acoustic or full electric bands, from small, to very large.

  • Speakers and monitors provide sound adequate for larger- bar-sized rooms and small to medium outdoor venues.

  • We have microphones, stands, direct boxes, and other equipment necessary for smaller bands.

Choosing just the right instruments for your event

lets you have the sounds you want.


There are a variety of available groupings:

  • Solo violin / fiddle, or voice

  • A network of musicians provides many more possibilities:

    • - Cello

    • - Guitar

    • - Mandolin

    • - Banjo

    • - Flutes

    • - Drums

    • - Accoridan

    • -And More

  • If we cannot help you, we may know someone who can!

Funerals and Wakes


Sound System
How Much Better Could Your Event Be?

You've spent time and energy making sure the food, decorations, and location are correct,
why not go all the way and plan for what your guests hear?
Whether live or "canned", the music and sounds heard during your event
color your guests' lasting impressions, and their enjoyment.
Your event should have a soundtrack and style that reflects who you are:
MUSIC by Dracorvus Arts works with you, bringing personalized life to your events.
Weddings, funerals, and all of life's occasions between, gain meaning when you give the gift of live music to your guests, when you deliberately choose the tone of the music, or when you get a professional engineer to ensure the sound goes off without a hitch.
Dracorvus Arts strives to fill your musical needs, consulting with you
to make sure your event has the music and sound needed for the ambiance you want.

Your big day should have a soundtrack that

reflects who you two are, as a couple.


  • We have professional experience with weddings of all sorts: large or small, simple or elaborate.

  • We can work with the family, or a wedding planner to ensure music and sound match desired ambiance.

  • For solo, duo or trio instrumentation, frequently asked for music includes:

    • - Prelude / postlude (when friends and family are gathering & / or being seated)

    • - Processional / recessional (for the bride / groom)

    • - A ceremony piece or two

    • - Dinner music

  • Reception music often requires a larger, more lively sound, meaning a band with sound system, and / or D.J.

  • If you need help figuring out what type of music, or when you want it, let us know, we can help.

Parties and Celebrations have added zing with music

in the background, or center stage.


  • Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, graduations, seasonal or themed parties, and more.

  • Life is full of ceremonies and gatherings. Let us work with you to find the mood you wish for your event.