Clifford Ivar Thomas
  • Sound Engineer

Natalie D. Beversluis
  • Fiddler / Violinist

  • Vocals



I began playing violin at the age of eight, in 1978, and had ten years of private lessons. Over a third of a century's worth of experience in orchestras and other venues has taught me that small group, or solo playing and performing is where I get the most joy out of music.


I have performed in several groups over the years, and am comfortable with many different genres. I call myself a fiddler most of the time, rather than a violinist, as I have a particular liking for Celtic, folk, funky beats, blues, and jazz, but I also enjoy classical, renaissance and medieval styles.


I get a great deal of satisfaction out of learning and working with new types of music, and different cultures.


In addition to gigging and work-for-hire on studio recordings, I teach violin to adults and older kids. If you are interested in lessons, please contact me for availability - I might be open to new students on a weekly, or periodic basis.


Regardless of whether we fit your needs, I hope you consider hiring someone to do live music at your event - it will truly make a difference!

Be Well,


About Dracorvus Artisans


Here are a few words from us, the folks at Dracorvus Arts.

Cliff began doing sound for Quinn's & Tuite's open mic night in 2000, and that baptism by fire has ensured he can handle himself in almost any situation.


Making use of modern technology, knowledge of soundwaves, how different instruments register, and a very picky ear, Cliff has been successful with getting good sound in very difficult settings.