About Dracorvus Arts

We are based out of the downtown Grand Rapids, MI area.

Dracorvus Arts is a virtual cooperation of people interested in the arts.

Branches of DA include writing and music, and other arts as participants feel so inspired.

In addition, there are healing arts associated, in the form of Massage and related Therapies.

Further web presence is being developed.

MUSIC by Dracorvus Arts

Showing our musical side, here we focus on music:

live performances of all kinds, studio recordings done on a work-for-hire basis, and sound engineering for your events.

We are LGBTQ and ALL RELIGIONS / CULTURES friendly, and have professional experience with many kinds of events and live music. We can work with the family, or an event planner to ensure music and sound match desired ambiance. Large or small, simple or elaborate, conventional or unconventional, indoor or out, we've got you covered. We have worked with varied religious and secular ceremonies, and are willing to consider costuming for themed events.

Music by Dracorvus Arts is primarily Natalie Beversluis, playing solo violin or singing, and Clifford Thomas, sound technician.


Our network of musicians allow potential availability of duo or trio arrangements. Possible additional instruments include guitar, mandolin, whistles, cello, harp, voice, keyboard, and bass. If there is an instrument you would like added, please ask, we may know someone who could join us. Natalie can also collaborate with a musician of your choosing.

Genres available are likewise varied.

Classical and Celtic are the primary styles available, along with Italian, Middle Eastern, Old-Timey, and other World musics.

If you have a desired genre, ask. We may be able to meet your need, or know someone who can.

If you have a favorite tune, Natalie can create a solo violin part using either an audio file, or a video. She played Jurassic Park's theme music as a bridal march, and learned Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", Elvis' Can't Help Falling In Love, and the Love Song from A Princess Bride, to name a few. Of course she also knows more traditional classical music and wedding tunes, including Pachelbel's Cannon in D, and the entire piece of Handel's Hornpipe from the Water music.


​​​As we come up with more things, more will be added, so check back!


Recording Artist

Natalie D. Beversluis


Ready to start asking questions?

Fill out the contact form and we’ll get you rolling.

Let us know what your event is, and what you're thinking, music-wise.

With that, we can start figuring out your needs, and whether we can help.


Prefer to speak to a live person? Please give us a call: 616.617.3760

We DO NOT Hard Sell!


Experienced Studio Artist

for Recording:

Violin, Fiddle, & Voice,

Comfortable in Many Genres

Weddings, Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, Wakes, Funerals, Ceremonies, Birthday Parties, Themed Gatherings, Graduations:

The List Goes On and On ...

Professional Sound Engineer and System for Indoor or Outdoor Occasions, Bands, Conferences, & More.

Cliff's Notes

For Your Sound Needs

Musical Musings & Meanderings

To Vitalize Your Gatherings!


  • Rates can vary from gig to gig, depending on distance, amplification needs, the number of musicians, how many rehearsals are required, and any other possible requirements you have.

  • Please feel free to contact us with questions so we can give you an idea what your dream will cost.

You can hear Natalie's music, fiddle and vocals, on several albums:

  • Central Sun / Fonnmhor - Celtic Rock

  • Ensemble Al-Asdeka - Middle Eastern

  • Belfast Gin - Celtic Rock

  • Nobody's Darlin' - Pre-Bluegrass / Old-Timey

  • Conklin Ceili Band - Celtic - American

  • She has also done vared genres as work-for-hire


NDB Rockford Celtic Fest in Garb

NDB Rockford Celtic Fest in Garb

One of the costumes available for performances. We are open to suggestions.

Cliff at work

Cliff at work

Cliff has greatly enjoyed his new sound system, and how much easier it make doing sound!

NDB - a wedding at Felt Mansion

NDB - a wedding at Felt Mansion

I have played many weddings, indoor and out, and can do acoustic or with amplification. I can arrange other musicians, or work ones of your choosing, too.

Nobody's Darlin'- The Pyramid Scheme

Nobody's Darlin'- The Pyramid Scheme

A rockin' show, lots of good people, good sound, and great energy!

Michigan Irish Music Fest - CCB

Michigan Irish Music Fest - CCB

Conklin Ceili Band playing the pub stage at the Michigan Irish Music Festival, happening every September. You can also find us hosting the jam tent.

CCB - City GR Fest 2012

CCB - City GR Fest 2012

Conklin Ceili Band closing out the Calder Stage at Grand Rapids' Festival of the Arts. Always a fun show!

Magpie and Nat

Magpie and Nat

What is life, if you can't have a little fun?


Lessons are available for Adults or Children over eight years:

- Fiddle / Violin

- Demystifying Microphones for Public Speaking or Performing

- Owning Your Soundcheck

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